About Us

About Really Stupid Shirts

Our (Not So Stupid) Mission…

The mission is simple: Laughter.

We want people to help people laugh in a world where we all think too much. We tend to let daily burdens and issues stress us out. So, if wearing one of our products makes you laugh when you look in the mirror or makes someone else smile when they see you, then maybe we have made the world a better place for just a moment.

We also believe in individuality and freedom of expression. We get that everyone has an opinion …and some of  those opinions can be pretty funny. So, we would like to assist you in expressing all those opinions in a funny (and sometimes stupid) way.

Our (Slightly Stupid) Design Inspiration

We pull design inspiration from everywhere. Really Stupid Shirt ideas are sparked by upcoming trends, by the classics we grew up with, by sayings from a favorite show, and even just something a friend said late one Saturday night. Every day we see or hear something that makes us chuckle–why not use those moments to help make other people smile, too.

Really Stupid Shirts aims to create something that can break boundaries and promote inclusiveness with laughter. We want to offer something that’s relevant to all the different people that make up the world we live in. That’s why our designs are inspired by a variety of interests, and also why we give you the option to customize anything you see on our site.

Custom Inspiration → Customer Inspiration

We want to let the person define the product, not for the product or the company to define the person. Whether you’re wanting…

a single shirt for an inside joke shared among best friends,

100 shirts for your crazy family reunion,

the perfect set of themed party hats,

we want to help you bring it to life. We are all about creativity and if you have an idea, you should have an opportunity to share it! Our custom order process is a great way for customers to express themselves, so it’s very important to us. It provides a channel for you to say exactly what you think or to materialize a sudden inspiration… no need to write it down on a bar napkin or in your phone only to forget about it later. Custom shirts allow you and your friends to hold onto the best–even if not the most sober–times you’ve shared together.